Advanced Course on ANSYS ICEM CFD

LearnCAx, the training wing of CCTech announces an in-depth 3 weeks meshing course which gives a detailed understanding of meshing operations using ANSYS ICEM CFD.

Ideal For

  1. Engineering Graduates and Post-Graduates (B.E / B.Tech / M.E. / M. Tech in Aerospace, Automobile, Mechanical, Industrial Production, Chemical, Petro-chemical, Bio-chemical and Bio-medical)
  2. Third Year (Sem-II) or Final Year Engineering Students
  3. Final Year B.E Students who are aspiring for higher education abroad
  4. Working Professionals in Design, Manufacturing and Service Industry

Course Pre-requisites
Course has no pre-requisites but participants having knowledge of fluid mechanics and numerical methods would get extra advantage. Participants having no previous knowledge of CFD can go through our blog: Introduction to CFD. The course assumes that you are well versed with the basics of Fluid mechanics and Mathematics at early engineering graduation level.

Course Overview

The course will introduce you to fundamental concepts of meshing, all the operational knowledge of ICEM CFD. Software focused training will be provided to master the techniques of geometry creation and meshing, hexameshing and tetrameshing in ICEM CFD.

Course Content

  1.  Fundamentals
  2. Introduction to ANSYS ICEM CFD
  3. Understand ICEM-CFDTM work ow and GUI
  4. ICEM CFD geometry operation
  5. Introduction to hexa blocking
  6. Introduction to Hexameshing
  7. Introduction to Shell meshing in ICEM-CFD
  8. Tetrahedral volume meshing in ICEM-CFD
  9. Introduction Prism meshing
  10. Edit mesh and export mesh operations

Software Tutorials
6 Tutorials on geometry creation and meshing using ICEM CFD.

Course Bene fits

A certifi ed participant will be able to conceptualize and implement geometrical components on ANSYS ICEM CFD and gain profi ciency in diff erent types of mesh creation using ICEM CFD. The objective of the course is to help the participant master the key software applications and practically apply the techniques of Geometry creation and meshing, hexameshing and tetrameshing in ANSYS ICEM CFD. Participants can take courses, tests and submit assignments at their convenience. We have created a 24 X 7 learning environment; where in the participants (if required) can complete the course in less than 4 weeks. Working professionals and students located at distance have found these online extremely useful and they addresses their needs without traveling or attending the classroom session.

Demo lectures:

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Contact Us

LearnCAx (Initiative by CCTech)
1 Akshay Residency, 50 Anand Park, Aundh, Pune: 411007. India
Ph: +91 20 40098382, M: +91-9604 26 1312,

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