CFD Workshop at MIT- Pune: Basics & Applications in Chemical Engineering

Recently LearnCAx conducted a CFD workshop in Chemical Engineering Department, MIT Alandi Pune for the third & final year students on 07th Feb’13.

About LearnCAx
LearnCAx is the education division of CCTech (Centre for Computational Technologies Pvt. Ltd). CCTech was founded in 2006 by alumni of IIT, Bombay. CCTech executes open-ended industrial and research projects in association with educational institutes, industry and research establishments to explore
new horizons. Over the last 6 years, CCTech has created a brand name in CFD and CAD Training. With the quality of training and support, our training has become one of the best choice for academia and industry professionals. With core focus on research in Computer Aided Technologies, the company strengthens
the bridge between the industry and academia, by developing industry focused courses for Computer Aided Design & Computational Fluid Dynamics (CAD & CFD). With a motto of providing quality education in the domain of computer aided technologies, CCTech under the brand name of LearnCAx has launched online training modules. With the basic aim of making CAx training easier and accessible to student and professor community, our online training model helps participants learn complex technologies with ease at a time and place of their choice. In our online learning environment, the LearnCAx faculty team acts as mentor to participants and provides constant support by means of our unique learning management system. Our trainers have exhaustive practical experience in a variety of industries, including aerospace, oil gas, power, nuclear and sustainable energy as well as commanding software usage and implementation knowledge. Over 700 students and 100 corporate professionals have undertaken various classroom training courses in last 6.5 years. Over 100 students have already been benefitted through our online training program over last 2 years from across the globe.

Prerequisites for participation
The workshop has no pre-requisites but participants having knowledge of fluid mechanics and numerical methods would have extra advantage.

Workshop Schedule
This workshop is intended for people who have had little or no experience with
ANSYS ICEM CFD and ANSYS Fluent. The one-day workshop will cover the
following topics:

  1. Introduction to CFD
  2. Fluid mechanics & CFD
  3. CFD Industrial Application & Process Flow
  4. Introduction to ANSYS ICEM-CFD, Work-Flow, Capabilities & Strengths (Software Demo)

  5. Introduction to ANSYS FLUENT, Work-Flow, Capabilities & Strengths (Software Demo)
  6. Application of CFD in Chemical Industry: Introduction to Reactive flow & Multiphase flow modeling

  7. Sample Problem / CFD Case Study
  8. Quiz: Computational Fluid Dynamics Basics
  9. Question & Answer Session

Key Speakers:

Ganesh Visavale
Manager: Centre for Computational Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune

Swapnil Dindorkar
Senior CFD Engineer: Centre for Computational Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune

A Few snaps:



DSC06320 DSC06322 DSC06323

Winners of Quiz:

  1. Aniket Chitte (3rd year Chem Engg)
  2. Shrushti Rawat (3rd year Chem Engg)
  3. Shivani Shinde (3rd year Chem Engg)
  4. Priyanka Jadhav (3rd year Chem Engg)
  5. Smita Goswami (B.Tech Chem Engg)

All the winners got 30% discount on our CFD courses & an attractive LearnCAx T-shirt.

Institute & Corporate Training:


For queries contact:

LearnCAx (Initiative by Centre for Computational Technologies Pvt. Ltd)

1 Akshay Residency, 50 Anand Park, Aundh, Pune: 411007. India
Ph: +91 20 40098382, M: +91-8380097760

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