Free Webinar: Introduction to Reacting Flow Modeling using CFD (29th Apr’13)

Chemical reactions are very common in industry as well as nature. They are used as a crucial tool to enhance and control mixing, heat transfer, material formation and deposition, pollutant release, production processes etc. Any type of reacting flow involves strong coupling between reaction chemistry and flow physics. To design better reaction processes it is critical to simulate the reacting flow processing using CFD models in order to come up with productive and efficient process design as well as rectify existing reactor design.

This webinar will provide an introduction to fundamentals of modeling reacting flows and also give a glimpse to complex chemistry models within commercial CFD software.



  1. What is reacting flow
  2. How chemistry and flow physics are coupled in reacting flows
  3. Fundamentals of reacting flow
  4. Introduction to CFD for reacting flows
  5. Applications of reacting flow modeling
  6. Overview of basic CFD models for reacting flows

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LearnCAx (CCTech-Pune)
1 Akshay Residency, 50 Anand Park,
Aundh, Pune: 411007. India.


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