Contract – I Syllabus (LL.B Sem I)

Contract – I Syllabus (LL.B Sem I) Mumbai University 2018-19

General Principles of Contract and Specific Relief Act, 1963

  • General Principles of Contract, Indian Contract Act, 1872 (Sections 1 – 75)

  • Government as Contracting Party

    • Constitutional provisions
    • Government power to contract
    • Procedural requirements
    • Kinds of Government contracts
    • Usual clauses
    • Performance of such contracts
    • Settlement of disputes and remedies
  • Standard Form of Contract

    • Nature
    • Advantages
    • Unilateral character
    • Principles of protection against the possibility of exploitation
    • Judicial approach to such contracts
    • Exemption clauses
    • Clash between two standard form contracts
  • Multi-national Agreement

  • Specific Relief Act, 1963


  • Recommended Readings

    • Mulla :  Indian Contract Act
    • Avtar Singh : Law of Contract
    • R.K Abichandani (Ed) : Pollock and Mulla on the Indian Contract Act and Specific Relief Act
    • Anson :  Law of Contract
    • Dutt : On Contract
    • M. Krishnan Nair : Law of Contracts
    • Myneni : Law of Contract -I

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