Contract Act I: Mumbai University (Old Question Paper) 2015

I. Answer in one or two sentences.

(a) What is an offer ?

(b) What is Co-ersion, as defined under Indian Contract Act ?

(c) Give any two rules regarding Minor;s Agreement.

(d) When is Communication of Acceptance complete ?

(e) State any two rights of Finder of Goods ?

(f) What is the effect of Agreement of Restraint in Marriage ?

(g) What are the remedies available to a person aggrieved by  Anticipatory Breach of Contract ?

(h) What is Temporary Injunction ?

(i) Under what condition can a Court order Cancellation of an Instrument ?

(j) Give any two  reasons due to which the Court may refuse to grant specific performance ?

II. Write short notes on any four of the following :

(a) Mistake

(b) Privity of Contract

(c) Devolution of Joint Rights and Liabilities

(d) Government Contracts

(e) Rectification of Instruments

(f) Recission of Contracts

III Solve any two of the following:

(a) Amar buys a tube of beauty skin cream. The company that manufacturers the cream had advertised that “whoever buys the cream and uses it as per instructions for a period of one month but still has pimples shall be paid a reward of Rs. 5000”. After using the cream for one month Amar still has pimples on the face. He demands the reward money from the company, but the company says that they have not accepted his offer hence there is no contract. Amar has filed a suit against the company for recovery of the money.

(i) What is general offer ?

(ii) State with reasons whether Amar would succeed.

(b) A files a suit against B for declaration that he is entitled to receive Rs. 10000 from B, but he does not pray for recovery of the said amount from B.

(i) What is Declaratory Decree ?

(ii) Can Declaration be made in above cases. Explain.

(c) A purchases a Steamer ticket. On the back of the ticket, a condition has been printed that the Company will not be liable for loss or injury to the passenger or his luggage. On the face of the ticket, there was no indication that some condition has been printed on the back of the ticket. The luggage of A is lost due to negligence of the crew member.

(i) What is Reasonable Notice of Terms under Standard Form Agreements ?

(ii) Can the Company be held for Loss ?

IV. Answer any four of the following:

(a) “Acceptance is to a proposal what lighted match is to a train of gun powder”. Discuss and state essentials of Valid Acceptance.

(b) Discuss the law relating to Wagering Agreements ?

(c) Explain the provisions in the Indian Contract Act regarding Performance of Contracts.

(d) Explain briefly the various modes of Discharge of Contract.

(e) State the rules regarding Specific Performance of part of a Contract. Who may obtain Specific Performance.

(f) What is Mandatory Injunction ? When will the Court refuse to grant an Injunction ?








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