F.Y.LL.B: Mumbai University Law Practical Examination Question Paper 2017

Time 2 hrs. 30 min                                                                                         80 marks


Question no. 1 carries 2 marks each
Question no. 2 carries 5 marks each
Question no. 3 carries 10 marks each

Q.1 Answer in One or Two Sentences. (20 marks)

1. What is Legal Aid ?
2. What is Sanad ?
3. Define Advocacy ?
4. Define Law.
5. What is Civil Contempt of Court ?
6. Three Duties of Advocates towards the Colleagues ?
7. Define Public Interest Litigation ?
8. Name any 3 writs according to the Constitution of India ?
9. Explain the procedure to become an Advocate at Supreme Court of India ?
10 Define Criminal Contempt of Court ?

Q.2 Write Short Notes (Any Four)   (20 marks)

1. Professional Ethics.
2. Punishment for Misconduct.
3. Powers of Disciplinary Committees.
4. Duties of an Advocate towards the Courts.
5. Dress code for Advocates
6. Public Interest Litigation.

Q.3 Discuss Briefly (Any four)     (40 marks)

1. Explain in brief on Bar-Bench Relations ?
2. Explain in detail Seven lamps of Advocacy ?
3. Explain in detail the Professional Ethics ?
4. Discuss the Powers of the State Bar Council to punish an Advocate for Professional Misconduct ?
5. What are the Elements of Advocacy ?
6. Explain in detail the Duties of Advocates towards the Opponents and towards the clients ?

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