Environmental Law | Question Paper | May 2019

Q1. Answer the followings (not more than two sentences)

a) Which day is celebrated as “World Environment Day” and Why ?
b) Define Nuisance in the context of environment pollution.
c) Define “Trophy” under the Wild Life Protection Act 1972.
d) Define “Hazardous substance”
e) What is “Absolute Liability” in case of environmental accidents ?
f) Define “ECO-MARK”.
g) State two major effects of Noise pollution.
h) Define “Reserved forest under Forest Conservation Act”.
i) Who is and “Occupier” under Water Act ?
j) What is “Global Warming” ?

Q2. Write short notes (Any four)

a) Polluter pays principle
b) Environment Impact Assessment
c) Ratlam Municipality case
d) Categories of forests under Forest Act.
e) Green House effects
f) Offences by companies under Air Act.

Q3, Solve the following (Any two)

A) In a residential area one Mr. “X” has opened a Chilly pounding. Nearby residents were disturbed by intermittent unbearable sound of chilly-pounding machine.
i. What offence Mr. “X” has committed
ii. What are the remedies available to residents against the said offence ?
iii. Cite similar case law.

B) In one of the villages there was no “door to door” or community collection of solid waste. The Muncipal solid waste was dumped in open area mainly in the outskirts of the village. Due to dumping
of the waste on open land the ground water of some area was contaminated.
i) To which authority the aggrieved residents can complaint against the contamination.
ii) Under which legal frame the action will be taken against the culprit ?
iii) What action will be carried out against the defaulters ?

C) In one of the cases, the lease was granted to an area for Areca nut plantation in the past.
The said area was surrounded by thick forest. The lease was not renewed and with the growth
of the plantation the increasing activities of people and vehicles started damaging the thick forest.
i) How non renewal of lease relate to the damaging of forest environment ?
ii) What is the role of concerning state in this matter ?
iii) Cite similar case law.

Q4. Answer the following (Any four)

a) Enumerate the powers of central government to take measures for protection and improvement of environment under EPA 1986.
b) Evaluate the provisions for environment protection under the criminal laws.
c) Discuss the functions of Pollution Control Boards under the Water Act 1974.
d) Explain the signifiance of Indian constitutional provisions relating to environment protection and conservation.
e) Analyze the salient features of Wildlife Act 1972.
f) Discuss fully the procedure followed in collection of effluent samples, their analysis, submission of analysis report and actions taken defaultersunder EPA 986.


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