Law of Crimes: Mumbai University (Question Paper May 2019)

Q1. Answer in not more than two sentences (All are compulsory)

a) Define Abetment.
b) What are the two theories of negligence ?
c) What are the two cardinal principles of criminal justice ?
d) Who is a thug ?
e) Give two examples f public nuisance?
f) What is affray ?
g) State any two offences relating to religion.
h) Define mischief.
i) What is Bigamy ?
j) What is criminal Intimidation ?

Q2. Write Short notes on (Any Four)

a) Injury
b) Stages of Crime
c) When can the right of Private Defence of the body extend to the causation of death ?
d) Begging as per the IPC.
e) House breaking.
f) Theft.

Q3. Solve any two (with reasons)

a) A tells B that he can help her secure better marks in the exam by black magic if she has sexual
intercourse with him. B agrees and they have intercourse.
i. Would A’s act be punishable as Rape ? Explain.
ii. What is Gang Rape ?

b) Helen is a dancer entertains a band of dacoits in the evenings by her performances.
i. Can Helen attract criminal responsibility for doing so ?
ii. What are special provisions in the IPC regarding the offence of dacoity ?

c) Jai stands at the bus stop and whistles at Sheela and passes some comments at her. As she is passing by, Jai acts as though he is about to pull her “dupatta”. He boards the bus after her and scratches
the saet of the bus with his pen.
i. Name any three offences committed by Jai ?
ii. If Sheela turns around and slaps Jai, will she by guilty of an offence ?

Q4. Answer in detail (Any four)

a) Write a brief essay on the kinds and theories of punishment.
b) All murder is culpable homicide but all culpable homicide is not a murder. Explain.
c) What are the new offences against women introduced by the Criminal Law Amendment Act 2013 ? Give examples.
d) Explain the general exceptions Necessity, Infancy, Insanity and Intoxication.
e) Discuss with the help of illustrations the offences relating to Elections.
f) Explain the provisions in the Indian Penal Code regarding joint criminal liability.


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