Labour Law: Previous Question Paper, Nov 2015

Q1. Answer in one or two sentences               [20 marks]

1. Can Widowed Mother claim Compensation under Employees’ Compensation Act ?
2. What Conciliation Officer has to do when industrial dispute is not settled ?
3. Can there be more than one recognized trade union under one Employer under MRTU & PULP Act ?
4. Is “Written Demand” mandatory for raising industrial dispute ?
5. Is “Apprentice” “Workman” under ID Act ?
6. During what period of time Complaint of unfair labour practice can be filed ?
7. Who publishes Award under ID Act ?
8. Who frames Model Standing Orders ?
9. Can Government Servants seek Certified Standing Orders under I.E (SO) Act ?
10. Can Compensation be claimed for injury not resulting into death under EC Act ?

Q2. Write short Notes on any Four                  [20 marks]

a. Industrial Tribunal under ID Act
b. Industrial Court under MRTU & PULP Act
c. Closure Compensation under ID Act.
d. Recognition under MRTU & PULP Act
e. Show Cause Notice under I.E. (SO) Act
f. Liability to pay Compensation under EC Act

Q3. Solve any two                                                  [12 marks]

a. Recognized trade union resorts to strike.
1. When can recognized trade union resort to strike under MRTU & PULP Act ?
2.What happen if strike is commenced one day before date when strike could                         commence ?
3. Will it affect commence ?

b. Employer has to have Certified Standing Orders.
1. Some rules in Certified Standing Orders are in violation of fundamental rights then ?
2. Can Certified Standing Orders be contrary to Model Standing Orders ?
3. What is role of Appellate Authority ?

c. An employee meet with accident.
1. Is it mandatory under EC Act that accident must arise of injury caused in the course       of employment ?
2. If Employee is under effect of medical drugs ?
3. Whether his carelessness will have any effect on payment of compensation ?

Q4. Answer any four                                           [48 marks]

1. Discuss fully Collective Bargaining.
2. Discuss termination of Workman under ID Act.
3. Discuss Lockout under ID Act
4. Discuss kinds of unfair labour practices by Employer
5. Discuss framing of Standing Orders under I.E. (SO) Act.
6. Discuss liability to Compensation under EC Act.


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