Law of Crimes: Mumbai University (Question Paper Nov 2017)

Q.1 Answer in not more than two sentences (All are compulsory)                                                           [20 marks]

a) What is wrongful restraint?
b) State any two reasons which would make an assembly Unlawful.
c) What are the cardinal principles of criminal justice?
d) Define Stalking.
e) What is Fabricating False Evidence?
f) What is Sedition?
g) Define Candidate and Electoral Right.
h) State any two Offences relating to religion.
i) What is Adultery?
j) Define Criminal Intimidation.

Q.2 Write Short notes on (Any Four)              [20 marks]

a) Fraudulently
b) Grievous Hurt.
c) Offences against the State.
d) Limitations to the Right of Private Defence.
e) Abduction.
f) Bigamy.

Q.3 Solve any two (with reasons)                    [12 marks]

a) Ramu is suffering from terminal cancer. He cannot bear the pain any longer. He asks his son Sham to give him poison and allow him to die in peace. Sham out of love and respect gives poison to Ramu. Ramu dies.
i. Is Sham guilty of murder?
ii. What is the difference in punishment of Murder and Culpabel Homicide not Amounting to Murder?

b) Suraj instigates Akash a college student to murder Rakesh. However, Akash refuses to do so.
i)Is Suraj guilty of any offence?
ii)If Akash was a minor would it make any difference?

c) Ramesh goes to Suresh’s house for a party. However, he stays there and abuses several guests. He leaves the house in a drunken state and breaks a street light. He then gets into a fight with some persons and disturbs public peace.
i.State any three offences which Ramesh is guilty of.
ii.If Ramesh had entered into the house through a window without an invitation, what would have been the offence?

Q.4 Answer in Detail (Any Four)                        [48 marks]

a) What are the various stages of crime and what is the culpability of each stage as per IPC?
b) Explain with the help of examples the provisions in the IPC regarding Jurisdiction. Also explain the retributive theory of Punishment.
c) State with the help of examples the exceptions of Infancy, Insanity and Intoxication.
d) Forcible sexual intercourse in necessary to constitute the offence of rape under the Indian Penal Code. Discuss.
e) Define Theft and Extortion. How do Theft and Extortion become Robbery?
f) What is Defamation? Discuss any five exceptions thereto with the help of examples.


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