Land Laws : Syllabus (Sem IV, Mumbai University)

  • Central Legislation on Land Laws (20 Marks),
  • State Legislation (80 marks.).

1. Central Legislation, inter alia to include:

(i) The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation
and Resettlement Act, 2013.
(ii) Indian Registration Act, 1908
(iii) Environment Protection Act, 1986.

2. State Legislation, inter alia to include:

(i) Maharashtra Land Revenue Code 1966.
(ii) Bombay Tenancy & Agricultural Lands Act, 1948
(iii) Maharashtra Regional Down Planning Act, 1969.s
(iv) Maharashtra Housing Area Development Authority Act, 1976.
(v) Development Control Regulations, 1991 for Mumbai.
(vi) Maharashtra Agricultural Land Ceiling Act, 1961.
(vii) Bombay Stamp Act.

3. ULC Act

(i) Definitions
(ii) Ceiling Limit – S/4,
(iii) Power to Exempt & Schemes – S/20 to 22

4. Land Acquisition Act

(i) Definitions
(ii) Acquisition – S/4 to 17.
(iii) Reference to Court – S/18 to 28 A.

5. Indian Registration Act.

(i) Compulsory Regn. Of Documents – S/17
(ii) Optional Regn. Of Documents – S/18
(iii) Time for Regn. Of Documents – S/23
(iv) Delay in Regn. Of Documents – S/25
(v) Time from which Regd. Document operates – S/47
(vi) Effect of Non-Regn. Of documents required
to be registered – S/49.

6. Environment Protection Act, 1986

(i) S/3 – and concept of CRZ – Coastal Regulation Zone.
Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966.
(ii) Use of Land – S/41 to 54A,
(iii) Record of Rights S/147 to 167.
(iiv) Appeals, Revision & Review – S/246 – 259,
(v) Special Provisions for Land Revenue in the City of Bombay – S/260 to 307.

7. Bombay Tenancy & Agricultural Lands Act, 1948

(i) Definitions
(ii) Restriction on Transfer of Agricultural Lands – S/63 to 66.

8. Maharashtra Regional & Town Planning Act, 1909.

(i) Definitions
(ii) Control of Development – S/43 to 51
(iii) Unauthorised Development – S/52 to 58
(iv) Land Acquisition – S/125 to 129

9. Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Act, 1976.

(i) Definitions
(ii) Repairs & Reconstruction of Dilapidated buildings – S/74 to 103.
(iii) Acquisition of Cessed Properties – Chapter VIII A

10. Development Control Regulations, 1991 (Mumbai)

(i) Concept F.S.I. (Floor Space Index)
(ii) Concept of T.D.R. (Transfer of Development Rights)


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