Family Law: Question Paper, Dec 2019

Q1. Answer the following

1. State the difference between Agnates and Cognates.
2. What is the doctrine of Factum Valet? Give one e.g.
3. What is Sapratibandha daya ?
4. Explain the term Ancestral Property.
5. What is Escheat ?
6. What is the punishment for abetment of sati ?
7. Explain the term Polygamy and Polyandry.
8. Explain the terms Modernization and Sanskritization.
9. Explain the terms Patriarchal and Matriarchal Family.
10. What is Interim Maintenance ?

Q2. Short note on any four:

1. Maintenance
2. Natural Guardian
3. Jurisdiction
4. Essentials of a valid Hindu marriage
5. Schools of Hindu Law
6. Sapinda Relationships

Q3. Solve (any two) of the following:

1. “A” and “B” are married under the Hindu Marriage Act. After having a son, the wife converts to Christianity.
i) Can the wife obtain a divorce on the grounds of her conversion under Hindu Marriage Act ? Explain.
ii) Can the couple seek on divorce by Mutual Consent ? Explain .

2. “A” and “B” who were friends die in an accident “A” is survived by his wife, father, son and daughter.
“B” is survived by his father and mother.
i) How will “A’s” property devolve ?
ii) How will “B’s” property devolve ?

3. “A” and “B” both Hindu girls are friends. “A” a 25-year ols unmarried girl wants to adopt a five-year old boy. “B” who is 27 years of age wants to adopt a girl of 3 years.
i) Can “A” adopt the boy ? Why ?
ii) Can “B” adopt the girl ? Why ?

Q4. Answer any four :

1. What are the rights and duties of coparceners ? Explain can a daughter be coparcener under Hindu Succession Act 1956 ?
2. Discuss Cruelty as a ground for divorce under the Hindu Marriage Act.
3. Elucidate the object of adoption and capacity male Hindu to take in adoption under Hindu Law.
4. Discuss in detail “Guardianship” under Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act.
5. Discuss the term Partition. Explain in detail the modes affecting partition.
6. Explain Void and Voidable Marriages and distinguish between them.


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