Environmental Law | Question Paper | Nov 2018

Q1. Answer the following                       [20 marks]

a. Define Strict Liablity.

b. What is Inter-Generational Equity ?

c. What is Global Warming ?

d. What is “Protected Area” under the Wild Life Act ?e. What is Precautionary Principle ?

f. Specify the timing of Day and Night under the Noise Pollution Rules.

g. Who is an “Occupier” as per the Air Act ?

h. Which day is celebrated as Environmental day and why ?

i. Define Ozone Layer.

j. How many sample analysis reports to be made by Government Analyst under the Water Act ?

Q2. Short note on any four:                 [20 marks]

a.) Public Trust Doctrine

b.) Grant of Authorization under Bio-Medical Waste Rules

c.) Oleum Gas Leak Case

d.) Green house Effect

e.) Stockholm Conference

f.) Eco-Labelling Scheme and Eco-Mask

Q3. Solve (any two) of the following: [12 marks]

a.) News appeared in one of the news-papers ststing that one “Aditya Nursing Home” is putting its Bio-Medical Waste in public dustbin maintained by Muncipal Corporation thereby causing health hazards to surrounding residents.
i) In this case can Pollution Contol Board take suo-motto action against the Nursing Home ?
ii) What offence is committed by the Nursing Home ?
iii) State the process of Storage and Disposal of bio-Medical Waste.

b.) Antony accused of killing a Chinkara from a Sanctuary without hunting permission is undergoing trial under Wild-Life Protection Act.
i) Under which provision Antony is liable ?
ii) Which are the animals can be hunted with permission under Wild Life Act ?
iii) Who is authorized to issue hunting permission under the Wild Life Act ?

c.) During the Navratri Festival oe of the “Dandia Dance” group arranged Dandia Dance with loud music on public road and it was continued till midnight thereby causing noise pollution disturbing surrounding residents.
i) What action can be taken against the Dandia Dance Group ?
ii) Under which Offence ?
iii) State the concerning Penal provisions under the Noise Pollution Rules.

Q4. Answer any four :                         [48 marks]

a) State the Role of Judicial Activism in protection and improvement of Environment in India.

b) Explain the procedure of collection of Emission, Samples and analysis under Air Act and action against defaulter Occupiers.

c) Define “Sustainable Development” and evaluate its salient features.

d) State the provisions for Environment Protection under the Criminal Laws.

e) Enumerate the Powers of Central government to take measures to protect and improve Environment under the EPA 1966.

f) Discuss the Indian Constitutional provisions relating to Environment Protection and Conservation.


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