Jurisprudence : Question Paper Nov 2016

Q1. Answer the following: [20 marks]

a) Meaning of the terms “Jurisprudence”.

b) State the relationship between law and morality ?

c) Explain the meaning of norms and normative system.

d) Define the main propositions of positivism.

e) What is concept of “Dharma” ?

f) Identify the doctrine of “State Decisis” ?

g) Explain kinds of custom in short ?

h) State the definition of “property” ?

i) Explain the meaning “trust” ?

j) Define “power” ?

Q2. Short note on any four: [20 marks]

a) Function and Purpose of Law

b) Roscoe Pound’s theory of Social Engineering

c) The rule of ejusdem generis

d) Modes of acquisition of possession

e) Feminist Jurisprudence

f) Bracket theory

Q3. Solve (any two) of the following: [12 marks]

1) “The judicial precedent is an independent source of law”.
i) Give three types of judicial precedents.
ii) Advantages and disadvantages of judicial precedents ?

2) Ram sold his house to Govind. The house was Ram’s ancestral property which is now property of Govind.
i) With reference to this property who is the person of incidence after the sale.
ii) Explain Vestitive, Investitive and Divestitive title.

3) Customary requirement of “saptapadi” seven steps by the bride and bridegroom is codified and is now a requirement under Hindu Marriage Act.
i) Comment whether “saptapadi” satisfies the test of reasonableness.
ii) Explain the “test of antiquity” for validity of a local custom.

Q4. Answer any four : [48 marks]

a) Discuss the concept of ownership with reference to incidents of ownership and different kinds of ownership.

b) Critically evaluate the status of the unborn, dead and intoxicated person.c) Explain the importance and status of legislation as source of law along with kinds of Legislation and delegated legislation.

d) Discuss the law of obligation with reference to various kinds of obligations.

e) Discuss rights in a wider sense.

f) Examine the components of Natural Law theory.


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