Jurisprudence : Question Paper Apr 2017

Q1. Answer all questions in 1/ 2 sentences: [20 marks]

a) What is law according to H.L.A Hart ?

b) What are negative rights? Give an example

c) Functions of law

d) Mischief rule

e) What are jural opposites ?

f) How can legal rights be acquired ?

g) What are fungible things ?

h) What is the meaning of corpus possessionis ?

i) What are the three rights on the object owned ?

j) Sanctions

Q.2 Write short notes on any four:

a) Conception of law in the Vedas.

b) Characteristics of a legal right

c) Incorporeal property

d) Merits and demerits of codifications

e) Kinds of obligations

f) Advantages of incorporation

3. Answer any two: [12 marks]

A) Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were leaders known to have adopted peaceful means to start movements to liberate their countries in the face of oppressive colonial regimes.
i) Explain how natural law theory supports the ideas conceived by these leaders?
ii) Differentiate between the naturalist views and positivist views regarding these movements.

B) William is a trader. He leaves behind some goods in the house of Raja by mistake. Raja treats the goods as his uses it. He is expected to pay William for the goods he used. However there was a fire in Raja’s house and William saves Raja’s property A from fire.
i)Is William entitled for compensation? Give reasons
ii)Explain what quasi contractual obligations are?

C) A carpenter was engaged to do some repairing work in a house. While repairing he found some articles of gold ornaments. He took them to a jeweler to find how much was the ornaments worth. The jeweler refused to return the ornaments. The carpenter sued the jeweler and recovered the same from him.
i) Explain the carpenter’s right to possession.
ii) Discuss the essentials of possession.

Q.4 Answer in details any four: [48 marks]

a) Critically examine the growth of natural law and its impact on the legal systems.

b) Define property and explain the different kinds of property a person can own lawfully?

c) Explain the functions of law?

d) Explain the importance of legislation as a source of law. Describe different kinds of legislations.

e) Explain the different kinds of customs. Highlight the characteristics of a valid custom.

f) Explain the concept and essential of ownership. Describe briefly the different kinds of ownership.


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