14. The Fort Is Captured But The Lion Is Dead

Question 1. Color the circle of the correct option.

(a). Tanaji was the resident of this place:
(i) Mahad               (ii) Chiplun                   (iii) Umrathe                    (iv)Ratnagiri

(b). Udaybhan, appointed by Jaising, was the chief of the Kondana fort.

(c). The name of Tanaji’s brother was :
(i) Raiba                (ii) Suryaji                     (iii) Murarbaji                  (iv) Firangoji

Question 2. Write the answer in one sentence.

(a) In whose hands was the Kondana fort ?

Ans. The Kondana fort was in the hands of Mughals.

(b) What did Jijamata say to Shivaji about Kondana ?

Ans. Jijamata said to Shivaji about Kondana, “Shivba it is not safe to leave the strong Kondana fort in enemy hands. You must recapture it.”

(c) Who took charge of the campaign of Kondana ?

Ans. Tanaji Malusare took charge of the campaign of Kondana.

Question 3. Write the answers in two or three sentences.

(a) What did Shivaji say on receiving the invitation from Shelarmama ?

Ans. On receiving the invitation from Shelarmama, Shivaji said, “Shelarmama you go back and celebrate the wedding. Iam sorry I shall be unable to attend. I have decided to lead a campaign for the recapture of Kondana.”

(b) What did Suryaji say to the retreating Mavlas ?

Ans. Suryaji said to the retreating Mavlas, “Don’t you see that your father is lying dead here on the battle field ? Are you not ashamed to run away like a bunch of cowards ? Turn back and fight, for I have blocked your retreat by cutting off the rope by which you climbed up. The only choice before you is either to jump to your death over the precipice or to turn back and fight to destroy the enemy.”




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