32. The Noble Monkey

1. Answer the following questions :

(a) Where did the monkeys live with their king ?

Ans. The monkeys lived with their king on the banks of the River Ganga.

(b) Why did the monkeys love the mango tree ?

Ans. The monkeys loved the mango tree for its spreading branches, cool shade and delicious fruit.

(c) What did the monkey king warn the others to do ?

Ans. The monkey king warned the other monkeys, ” Don’t let even a single mango fall into the river. If the current carries it down to the land of men, they will come here in search of the heavenly fruit and destroy the peace in this land.”

(d) How did the King of Benaras come to know of the fruit ?

Ans. One day, a ripe mango fell into the river and was carried with the flow to the city of Benaras. It was found by a fisherman who had never seen anything like it before. So, he presented it to the King. Thus the King of Benaras came to know of the fruit.

(e) Why did the King’s men decide to drive away the monkeys ?

Ans. When the King’s men noticed the monkeys enjoying the fruit, they were annoyed. Hence the King’s men decided to drive away the monkeys.

(f) How did the monkey king save the other monkeys ?

Ans. Catching hold of a tall cane with his legs, the monkey king swung back to the side where the other monkeys waited. Then he took firm hold of a branch of a tree. This way, he made a bridge across the river with his own strong body. In this way he saved the lives of other monkeys.

3. From the lesson, find the words that are used to describe the following words :

  •  mango tree – tall shady
  •  mangoes – big juicy
  •  the monkey king – bigger, stronger and also wiser

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