19. The Ugly Duckling | English | Class 4

1. Answer the following questions :

(a) Why did the ugly duckling decide to leave the lake ?

Ans. Feeling very lonely and sad, the ugly little duckling decided to leave the lake

(b) What did he find wherever he tried to seek shelter ?

Ans. Wherever the poor duckling tried to seek shelter, he found that he was always ridiculed by others – smaller birds, animals, even human beings poked fun at him. He became lonelier and more miserable.

(c) Why was the ugly duckling afraid to look at his own reflection ?

Ans. The ugly duckling was afraid to look at his own reflection because whenever he looked at his own reflection, he thought, ‘I look so ugly’ !

(d) Who did he meet in the beautiful garden ?

Ans. The ugly duckling met graceful white swans in the garden.

(e) Was he happy in the end ? Which lines tell us that he was happy ?

Ans. Yes the ugly ducking was happy in the end. The line “I never dreamed of such happiness as this, while I was an ugly duckling !” tells us that he was happy.

4. Read and learn :

  • hen : chicken
  • sheep : lamb
  • deer : fawn
  • cat : kitten
  • dog : puppy
  • duck : duckling
  • goose : gosling
  • goat : kid
  • swan : cygnet
  • cow : calf
  • lion : cub



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