Unit X : The Ship of the Desert

Reading is fun 

1. Why is Camel called the Ship of the Desert ?

Ans. The Camel can walk across the desert even on a hot afternoon. The sand burns but it doesn’t bother him, therefore the Camel is called Ship of the Desert.

2. For how many weeks can a camel store food in its hump ?

Ans. The camel can store food its hump for two weeks.

3. What does the camel eat in the desert ?

Ans. The camel eats thorns in the desert.

4. Choose the right answer.

(i) Name the Ship of the Desert

(a) lion          (b) camel            (c) crab              (d) tiger

(ii) Name the King of the Forest

(a) lion           (b) owl                  (c) monkey         (d) crocodile

(iii) The feet of the camel are

(a) thick and padded          (b) long and fat         (c) thick and fat        (d) thin and padded

(iv) There are no rivers or lakes in

(a) plains                     (b) mountains                   (c) plateaus                 (d) deserts

(v) At a time a camel can drink

(a) 200 bottles of water        (b) 100 bottles of water    (c) 400 bottles of water    (d) 300 bottles of water

(vi) A camel stores its food in its 

(a) stomach            (b) hump             (c) legs                       (d) lips

Word building

Make as many words as you can from within the given words.

ROARING                 IN                        RAN                            ROAR

FROWNING             ROW                  GROW                         FROG

BLINKING                IN                        INK                             KING

WONDERING          ONE                      WON                           RING



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