27. The Dreadful Guest | English | Class 4

1. Guess/Find the meaning of the following words and phrases :

  • spoilsport   :  a person who behaves in such a way that spoils others’ pleasure
  • impolite  :  not polite, rude
  • platters  :  large plates used for the purpose of serving food
  • gobbling up  :  to eat food in a hurry with making noise
  • sprang  :  to move quickly and stand

2. Answer the following questions :

(a) Where did this story take place ?

Ans. The story took place in the Kingdom of Russia.

(b) Who burst into the banquet hall ?

Ans. A huge and horrible looking dragon burst into the banquet hall.

(c) Who was not afraid of dragons ?

Ans. The brave warrior Ivan was not afraid of dragons.

(d) What did Ivan know about dragons ?

Ans. Ivan knew that dragons were dreadful but not intelligent.

(e) In what ways did the dragon threaten to kill Ivan ?

Ans. The dragon asked Ivan how he would like to be killed. He asked Ivan if he would like to be burned to death, or smothered with fumes, or teared up with knife claws, or eat him up with his spike teeth.

(f) How did Ivan kill the dragon ?

Ans. When Ivan and the dragon were facing eachother, Ivan though of a trick. Ivan pointed behind the dragon and asked him why he brought a whole army to help him fight. When the stupid dragon turned his head to see what Ivan was pointing at, Ivan in a quick flash drew his sword and cut off the dragon’s head and killed him.

3. Match the pairs of words from A and B with reference to this story.


4. Write short description of the following :

  • The feast

The grand feast was arranged by the King of Russia. The King invited princes, rich merchants, brave warriors and all the important people in his kingdom.  On the night of the feast, the king and his guests sat together at a long table, in the banquet hall. They talked and laughed and everyone was happy.

  • The dragon

At the grand feast a huge horrible looking dragon suddenly appeared. The dragon was as tall as a tree, as broad as a house, with teeth like spikes and claws like knives. His skin was hard and scaly and his eyes, red. Red, hot flames shot forth from his mouth, and
black smoke from his nostrils. Now, this dragon was also a very mean creature. He loved to be a spoilsport and a killjoy.

  • Ivan

Ivan was a brave warrior and was not afraid of dragons. He scolded the dragon for gobbling the food without fear. Ivan also fought with the dragon and applying a trick he also managed to kill the foolish creature.

5. List all the comparisons you find in the story.

Example : As tall as a tree.

  • as broad as a house
  • dragon was as stupid as Ivan thought him to be
  • quick as a flash of lightning

6. Punctuate the following sentences properly :

(a) what a rude impolite creature you are

Ans. “What a rude, impolite creature you are !”

(b) are you ready

Ans. “Are you ready ?”



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