37. Ryokan and the Starfish

Q1. Answer the following questions :

(a) What did Ryokan see on the beach ?

Ans. Ryokan saw that hundreds of starfish had been washed ashore in a storm. The storm had blown over and the starfish were dying in the hot sun.

(b) What did he do ?

Ans. Ryokan began to pick up the starfish one by one and threw them back in the sea.

(c) What did he mean by “It will make a difference to this little fish” ?

Ans. It means that if he helps the fish to get back to the sea they would live, if he does not help they would die in the hot sun. Therefore his act of helping the starfish will make a big difference to the starfish who needs the help.

Q2. Make a resolution to offer at least a little help everyday to someone who needs it.

Ans. (You can make a resolution to help anyone you see in need of help like helping your mother to clean the house, neghbouring old person to get something from market, helping teachers in carrying books or a blind person to cross the road.)






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