17. Management Of Forts And The Navy

1. Can you tell these names?

(a) The book which tells us about the importance of forts Aadnyaapatra .

(b) Another name for sea forts Janjira .

2. Write what you feel.

(a) Shivaji Maharaj is rightly called the ‘Father of the Indian Navy’.

Ans. (1) The English, the Portuguese, the Siddis and the Dutch and their attacks were controlled because of the Maratha Navy built by Shivaji Maharaj.

(2) By raising an independent and strong navy, Shivaji Maharaj defined the territorial waters and established domination over the coastal area and thus safeguarded it.

(3) He was the first ruler to have such a strong navy in medieval India.

Hence he was rightly called as the “Father of India Navy”.

(b) Areas in which we can see Shivaji Maharaj’s management skills.

Ans. (1) The management skills of Shivaji Maharaj are seen at all times in the battles he fought and also in his overall administration.

(2) He realized the importance of forts in the establishment of Swaraj. He therefore maintained, repaired and built about 300 forts.

(3) Shivaji Maharaj made definite arrangement for protection of forts by appointing the officers Killedar, Sabnis and Karkhanis.

(4) He had a well-organized and very efficient system of army intelligence and espionage.

(5) He safeguarded the sea-coast by building a strong navy. (6) Shivaji Maharaj also managed a very disciplined army.

3. Write two of the things that these officers did.

(a) Killedar

  1.  To protect and administer the fort
  2.  To issue orders to the Sabnis and Karkhanis.

(b) Sabnis

  1. To keep accounts (record income and expenses)
  2. To collect revenue/ tax from the subjects on the fort and around it.

(c) Karkhanis

  1. Supply grains and goods to the people living on the fort.
  2. To arrange for the ammunition for the guns and firearms at the time of war.

4. Show the following on an outline map of Maharashtra.

(a) Fort Sindhudurg


(b) Vijaydurg



(c) Mumbai



(d) Pratapgad



5. Which aspect of Shivaji Maharaj’s management skills did you like the most? How will you use it in your daily routine?

Ans. Shivaji Maharaj had many excellent adminsitration skills. The one I liked the most was the bravery and fearless attitude. Although the Moguls were very strong and many in numbers but this fact could not deviate Shivaji Maharaj from his objective achieving Swaraj. He had excellent leadership skills that could unite people for a noble cause and even motivate them to sacrifice themselves for Swaraj.

I shall try to learn use the skill of such bravery and fearless attitude to achieve the goals of my life to serve my country and help others.





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