38. The Magic Kettle | English | Class 3

1. Answer the following questions :

(a) Why was the old man proud of his house ? Describe his house.

Ans. The old man was proud of his house because it was beautiful. It was located high up in the mountains. The house had white straw mat and pretty walls.

(b) What did the old man find in his house one day ?

Ans. One day the old man found in his house, a rusty old kettle in a corner of the room.

(c) Why did he decide to keep the old kettle ?

Ans. He decided to keep the old kettle because it looked like a good kettle and his old kettle was getting worn out.

(d) What happened to the kettle when it was put on the fire ?

Ans. When the kettle was put on fire strangely the handle of the kettle slowly changed its shape and became a head. The spout grew into a tail, out of the body of the kettle, sprang four paws. The kettle had completely turned into a tanuki.

(e) What did the tanuki tell Jimmu ?

Ans. The tanuki said to Jimmu that it will stay with him and make him very rich.

(f) Why did Jimmu decide to stop the shows ?

Ans. Jimmu decided to stop the shows because he realized that tanuki had made him very rich and they can now live in comfort.

2. Describe the “Tanuki Show” in your own words.

Ans. Tanuki show was watched by many people. At Jimmu’s instructions the kettle turned into a tanuki to which the audience was amazed. On further commands the tanuki would walk, run, jump, turn somersault or dance. People were both surprised and exited to see such stunts by the little animal. They gathered in good numbers and paid to Jimmu for the shows. The tanuki never disobeyed Jimmu and was never tired to perform the shows. Merrily it danced many dances like the shadow dance, fan dance, umbrella dance. The shows made Jimmu very rich.

3. What reasons can you think of for the following :

  • The kettle turned into a tanuki when it was put on a fire.

Ans. This may be probably because of the magical nature of  kettle that could change its form when it desired so, for the owner of the house where it stayed.

  • The tanuki decided to stay with Jimmu.

Ans. This may be because Jimmu had picked up the tanuki lovingly and was very nice to it.

4. Find the smaller words hidden in the following words :

  • carefully : care, full, fare,
  • lovingly : love, long, lily
  • furry : fur, fry, fury
  • playful : play, full, lay, fall
  • somewhere : some, where, were, home, mere






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