34. At the bottom of the Ocean | English | Class 3

1. Say whether the following statements are true or false :

(a) The sea is very deep.                (True)

(b) There aren’t any plants in the sea.                 (False)

(c) The blue whale lives in the sea.                   (True)

(d) The blue whale is the largest of all animals in the sea.             (True)

(e) Deep down in the ocean, there is no sunlight.                       (True)

(f) The ocean floor is flat.                        (False)

(g) There are mountains under the ocean water.                        (True)

(h) An island is a mountain top that rises out of ocean water.                 (True)

2. Describe the following in one line each.

  • An ocean : A very big sea is called an ocean.
  • Ocean floor : The bottom of the ocean is known as “ocean floor”.
  • Island : When the top of a mountain in the ocean rises out of the ocean water, it forms an island.

4. Find as many words as possible that can fit the following descriptions.

  • big and small : animals, trees, buildings, cakes, scales etc.
  • strange and beautiful : forest, creature, drawing, clouds, kites etc.
  • dark and quiet : forest, night, places, surroundings etc.

5. With the help of your teacher, find names of all the big oceans in the world. Find the names of the bay, the sea and the ocean that lie along the boundary of our nation.

Ans. The big oceans of the world  are :

  • Pacific Ocean.
  • Atlantic Ocean.
  • Indian Ocean.
  • Arctic Ocean.

The bay and the sea and the ocean that lie along the boundary of our nation are:

  • Bay of Bengal
  • Arabian sea
  • Indian ocean


6. The poem “Washday” is based on imagination and passage “At the bottom of the Ocean” is based on actual observation. Now, say whether the following are based on imagination or observation.

(a) In a biscuit factory : Observation

(b) The Sugar-Plum Tree : Observation

(c) A Vanishing Trick : Observation

(d) A team of Workers : Imagination

(e) The Bremen Town Musicians : Imagination

(f) The Noble Stag : Imagination


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