36. Gadge Maharaj | English | Class 3

1. Answer the following questions in a few lines.

(a) What did Gadge Baba look like ?

Ans. Gadge Baba was big, tall and had stout body. He had silver hair, brown eyes and fair skin.

(b) Why did people call him Gadge Baba ?

Ans. Gadge Baba always carried with him a bowl and a stick. Because of this bowl or a “gadge” people started calling him Gadge Baba or Gadge Maharaj.

(c) What message did Gadge Baba spread ?

Ans. Gadge Baba roamed from village to village spreading his message of cleanliness, humanity and the importance of education.

(d) Why did Gadge Baba speed away after the keertan ?

Ans. After keertan, people flocked to touch Gadge Baba’s feet which he didn’t like, hence Gagge Baba speed away after keertan.

(e) Wherever he went, what did Gadge Baba do ?

Ans. Wherever Gadge Baba went he asked for sturdy brooms, spades and pans to sweep and clean the whole area.

(f) What was Gadge Baba’s way of serving God ?

Ans. Gadge Baba saw God in poor and miserable people and serving these peoplewas his way of serving God.




  1. Dhanyvad sir Tumi Majhi madad madad ke liye Khoob Khoob dhanyvad sar thank you

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