Criminology : (LL.B Sem-IV) Apr 2017

Q1. Answer in not more than two sentences:

a) What is criminology ?

b) Who is a juvenile delinquent under the Juvenile Justice Act ?

c) Name any two theories of punishment.

d) What is parole ?

e) Name any two schools of criminology.

f) What is a crime syndicate ?

g) What is observation home ?

h) Define “White collar crime” .

i) Write any to causes of corruption.

j) Write any two ways to curb prostitution.

Q2. Write short notes (any four)

a) Organized crime in India.

b) Interpol

c) Victimology

d) Preventive theory of crime.

e) Neo-classical school

f) Positive school

Q3. Solve any two of the following :

a) Shyam, a 13 year old boy left home because of ill treatment by parents. He started begging on roads. Seema a prostitute take him to the brothel house. She gave him employment there.

  1. Is Seema guilty of any offence ? How ?
  2. What mechanism our Government is having for rehabilitation of a child like Shyam ?

b) Pintu was convicted under section 302, 376 of I.P.C and sentenced to life imprisonment. He started living a spiritual life inside the prison. The criminal gang members inside the prison started harassing him.

  1. What remedy you would like to suggest Pintu ?
  2. What mechanism we have inside the prison to curb such activities ?

c) Sessions court convicted Geeta, a pregnant women living in live-in-relationship with Sonu for causing Sonu grievous hurt because of his ill treatment to her.

  1. Can she be released on parole ?  On what grounds ?
  2. What is the impact of live-in-relationship on the society ?

Q4. Answer any four of the following :

a) Explain in detail the function and procedure of Juvenile Justice Board.

b) Explain in detail Dr. Lombrozo’s theory of Born Criminals.

c) Write a detail note on the sociological school of criminology.

d)  Explain the following :

i)  Prison reform in India

ii) Open Air Prisons in India

e)  Explain the following in detail :

i) Bio-physical factors and criminology

ii) Drugs addiction as cause of crime

f) The aim of criminology and victomology is to find causes and solutions for prevention of crime. Explain.





























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