Criminology : (LL.B Sem-IV) May 2016

Q1. Answer in not more than two sentences .

a) What is penology ?

b) Define probation ?

c) Define White Collar Crime .

d) What is Crime Syndicate ?

e) Who is a delinquent Juvenile ?

f) What is Special Home ?

g) Any two theories of punishments.

h) What is Cyber Crime ?

i) Any two causes of prostitution.

j) What is Victimology ?

Q2. Write short notes on any four of the following :

a) Organised Crime

b) Home Guard Police

c) Sex Racketing

d) Kelptomania

e) Born Criminal Theory

f) Neo-Classical School

Q3. Answer any two of the following :

a) Sheela like having sex with many. she accepted that for enjoyment as well as to earn money. She engaged herself in that and started having sex voluntarily at her home.

i) What offence Sheela had committed ? Give reasons.

ii) Should Prostitution be legalised or not ? Give reasons.

b) Shyam was fed up with the system because he felt that no-body is following rules and regulations in India. Even officers are not following the same. He attacked one officer caught by Anti-corruption department and killed him.

i) Is he guilty of any offence ? Give reasons.

ii) Suggest two ways to curb corruption.

c) Krishna observed that many criminals becomes politicians, earned huge money and the police officers once searching them for arrest are now providing them police protection.

i) Should politicians having criminal backgroound be provided with police protection ? Give reasons.

ii) What is political graft ?

Q4. Answer any four of the following :

a) Explain the following in detail
i) Juvenile Justice Board
ii) Homeguard Police

b) Explain in detail
i) Prison system in U.S.A
ii) Couses of Juvenile delinquency

c) Explain the concept of White Collar Crime and suggest means to curb it.

d) Explain in detail the multiple theory of Crime Causation.

e) What is the object of punishment ? Which theory of punishment is suitable to India? Explain in detail.

f) Explain in detail:
i) Prison perform in India
ii) Born Criminal Theory


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