Land Law : (Sem IV) Nov 2016

Q1. Answer each of the following in 2 or 3 sentences : [20 marks]

a) Who is an agriculturist under the Maharashtra Agricultural Lands Ceiling on Holdings Act, 1961?

b) What is High Tide Line ?

c) Explain the term chargeable under the Bombay Stamps Act, 1958 ?

d) What is Wahib-ul-arz ?

e) What is Development under the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act, 1966 ?

f) Define Agriculture under the Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Land Act, 1948 ?

g) What is T.D.R ?

h) Who is a “person interested” ?

i) Who are landless persons ?

j) What is Cess under MHADA ?

Q2. Write a short notes on any 4 of the following : [20 marks]

a) Exempted Lands

b) Bonafide Industrial Use

c) Public Purpose

d) Regularization of Encroachment

e) Structural Repairs

Q3. Solve any 2 of the following with reasons : [20 marks]

a) Mr. Tanaji owns 48 acres of dry crop agricultural land in Suburbs of Mumbai. He desires to purchase more agricultural dry crop land in the suburbs of Mumbai.
i) What is the ceiling for the above land ?
ii) If Mr. Tanaji purchases more land as stated above, what could be the legal consequences ?

b) Mr. Sunil Shahu wants to construct a building in an area notified as tourist place or hill station in Maharashtra.
i) Does Mr. Sunil Shahu need to apply for conversion of land. Explain.
ii) Name the authority under the M.I.R Code 1966, which deals with the land conversion.

c) A will executed by Mr. Ramesh jadhav on 1st January, 2014 is not registered. Mr. Ramesh Jadhav dies on 1st Feb 2014.
i) Is registration of a Will compulsory ?
ii) Is there any consequence for non-registration of a Will ?
In the above case will the Will come into effect ?


Q4. Answer any 4 of the following : [48 marks]

a) What are the matters to be considered in determination of Award ?

b) What are Land Records ? How are acquisitions of rights recovered in Form VII / XII ?

c) Set out the exceptions to section 17 (1) of the Registration Act, 1908.

d) Analyze Section 44 and Section 45 of the MRTP Act 1966.

e) Which are the areas covered under C.R.Z. Analyze the classification under C.R.Z. ?

f) How is a Sanad obtained under Maharashtra Land Revenue Code ?


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