16. Sensory Organs

A. What can be done ?

Dinner is ready and mother has asked Sakina to call Grandpa. But, Grandpa cannot hear at all. How will Sakina tell him to come ?

Ans. As Grandpa cannot hear Sakina will have to go in front of Grandpa and use signs and gestures to inform Grandpa to come for dinner.

B. Think and tell .

1.) Yesterday’s yogurt is spoilt. It cannot be eaten. How would you know that ?

Ans. A spoilt yogurt smells foul, has different taste (if tasted in very small quantity) and also turns slightly yellowish. So with our nose, tongue and eyes we can know that the yogurt has spoiled.

2.) Some ingredients we suse in the kitchen are named below. What are their colors ?

  • Turmeric : yellow
  • Coriander leaves : green
  • A ripe chilli : red
  • Salt : white
  • An unripe tomato : green

C. Which sensory organ gives you the following information ?

1.) The guava is sweet : Tongue

2.) The cuckoo is singing on the tree outside : Ears

3.) The sunflower is yellow : Eyes

4.) The incense stick has a nice fragrance : Nose

5.) The medicine is bitter : Tongue

6.) The towel is rough : Skin

D. Observe and write .

When playing cricket, the ball is to be hit with the bat. Which parts of your body do you use to do so ? How do you co-ordinate your movements ?

Ans. While playing cricket the body coordination plays an important role. While hitting the ball we have to carefully see the ball with our eyes and have to be ready with the bat to hit at the right distance adjusting our position with legs and hit with power. While hitting all the body parts like the hands, shoulders, chest and the leg position play an important role.

E. Answer in brief .

1.) How are the two hands used while roasting peanuts ?

Ans. While roasting the peanuts one has to hold the pan steady with the tongs in one hand and use spatula to stir the peanuts in other hand. Thus one has to use two hands while roasting peanuts.

2.) What is meant by “sensory organs” ?

Ans. An organ that tells us about our surroundings are called the sensory organs. Our ear, nose, eyes, tongue and skin are our sensory organs or sense organs.

3.) What help do we get from our sensory organs ?

Ans. Our sensory organs tell us about the situation all around us. The sense organs are helpful because we can see with our eyes, hear with our ears, smell with our nose, taste things with our tongue and feel them with our skin.

4.) Why is co-ordination necessary ?

Ans. We need co-ordination to get any task done smoothly. Lack of co-ordination gives rise to mistakes or muddles.

F. Fill in the blanks .

1.) Our eyes tell us how far something is.

2.) Our ears tell us which direction a sound is coming from.

3.) The smell tells us that the air is foul.

4.) Our skin tells us that something is hot.

5.) Our tongue fells as if it is burning when we eat a chilly.



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