21. Public Services for Community Life

A. Answer the following questions in one sentence .

1.) What are pubic services ?

Ans. The services that are equally available to all and are meant for everybody are called Public Services.

2.) What public services do we use in public life ?

Ans. We use several public services like transport, schools and hospitals in public life.

3.) Which services does the local government provide ?

Ans. The local government provides the services of water supply and public hygiene.

B. Fill in the blanks .

1.) Banks give loans to people in need .

2.) The postal service is used to keep in touch with friends and relatives .

3.) Institutions formed by the co-operation of the people are called cooperatives.

C. Complete the words .

1.) It runs the administration of the village GRAM PANCHAYAT .

2.) It runs the administration of the town. MUNCIPALITY .

3.) It is present in big cities. MUNICIPAL CORPORATIO.



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