23. Growing Up and Growing Old

E. Fill in the blanks .

1.) When a baby is born, everyone is happy .

2.) Regular exercise has its advantages .

3.) Fruits develop from flowers .

F. Answer in brief.

1.) Until how many years of age do children continue to grow ?

Ans. Children continue to grow in height till the age of 18 years. Then they keep growing in their weight.

2.) How can good health be maintained ?

Ans. Good habits, good food and regular exercise help to maintain good health.

3.) When do plants begin to flower ?

Ans. At the proper stage of its growth, the plant begins to flower.

G. True or false ?

1.) As a baby grows, its height and weight also grow.     True

2.) A plant can grow even if the sprout doesn’t take root in the soil.       False

3.) The seedling absorbs water and some nutritious substances from the soil.      True




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