29. Androcles and the Lion

1. Answer the following questions :

(a) Describe the life of slaves in your own words.

Ans. The slaves were forced to work for their masters. They had to do what their masters told them. They had no freedom, no rights. Even when they were unhappy with their master, they could not leave him. They were bound by law to obey their master, however wicked he might be. The master also starved and whipped the poor slaves.

(b) What did Androcles feel about his master ?

Ans. Androcles did not like his wicked master. His master starved his slaves and often whipped them. Androcles felt that even death was better than serving such a master.

(c) What tells us that Androcles was not a coward ?

Ans. Androcles took shelter in a forest. He was not afraid of the wild beasts that roamed the forest. This tells us that Androcles was not a coward.

(d) How did Androcles help the lion ?

Ans. Androcles took the paw in his left hand. Deftly, he pulled out the thorn. Then, tearing a piece of his own clothing, the kind man bound up the lion’s injured paw. Androcles remained with the lion till it could walk again. He would hunt in the forest and share his food with the helpless beast. Every day, he would clean and dress the lion’s wound.

(e) Did the lion recognize Androcles in the arena ? What did it do ?

Ans. In the arena, the lion saw Androcles and rushed towards him, bounding and
roaring. But suddenly it stopped in its tracks. Then it moved slowly forward. All its rage seemed to have melted. The lion bounded towards Androcles again, but when it reached him, it began to purr and rub its nose against him.

(f) What did Androcles ask for ?

Ans. Androcles asked to set free the lion.

2. Guess the meaning of the following phrases and use them in your own sentences :

    • face to face : to meet somebody by chance
      I came face to face with a friend after a long time.
    • high and low : everywhere
      The man searched high and low for his car keys.
    • to everyones amazement : to everyone’s surprise
      To everyones amazement the girls won the quiz against the boys.
    • draw near : to come close
      The girl waited for the boat to draw near before climbing into it.

4. Discuss the following :

You can make discussion / your own answer using the following points, given in the answer.

(a) Why the wizard can take only frightening and ugly shapes.

Ans. The Wizard : wants to kill, destroy, — wants to stop nice and good things
frightening and ugly.

(b) Does the elf sing a happy song ?

Ans. The Elf : wants to sing — clear and strong song — rainbows in his hair — showing happiness — high and low —- to everyone’s amazement.

3. Find out at least five pairs of opposites from the story.

Ans. (1) kind X cruel
(2) wealthy X  poor
(3) slave X master
(4) brave X coward
(5) free X caged



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