25. Changes In Our Surroundings

B. Think and tell.

  • When your shadow is very short, where is the sun in the sky ?

Ans. The shadow is very short, when the sun is overhead in the sky.

  • What is meant by “crescent moon”.

Ans. A very small  arc-shaped section of the visible portion of the moon is called the crescent moon.

  • After how many days does a new moon follow another new moon ?

Ans. A new moon follows another new moon after about thirty days.

  • Make a list of flowers which bloom in the morning.

Ans. The flowers that bloom in the morning are: a) Sunflower b) Rose c) Lily   d) Jasmine  e) Lotus

D. Fill in the blanks.

1.) Bats are nocturnal animals.

2.) When their stomachs are full, cows and buffaloes sit in a peaceful place and ruminate.

3.) Birds are the first to sense the end of the night.

4.) When the sun rises, its light is long.

E. Answer the following questions:

1.) When do shadows become long ?

Ans. At sunrise and sunset the shadows become long .

2.) What are shadows like when the sun is directly overhead ?

Ans. The shadows are very short when the sun is directly overhead.

3.) After the day of the new moon, for how many days the moon grow bigger ?

Ans. After the day of the new moon, the moon grows bigger for about fifteen days.

4.) Why do bees hover around flowers ?

Ans. Bees hover around the flowers to collect the sweet nectar.

F. True of false ?

1.) The moon cannot be seen on the day of the new moon. True

2.) Some living things set out to search for food after the sun has set. True

3.) The day of the new moon looks triangular is the day of the full moon. False

4.) Birds start chirping at dawn. True

5. ) The sun gradually shifts towards the east.  False

G. What are the following called ?

1.) The different shapes of the moon seen every day.

Ans. Phases of the moon.

2.) Animals that rest during the day and search for food at night.

Ans. Nocturnal animals

3.) The day on which the moon is completely round.

Ans. Full moon day

4.) The day on which the moon cannot be seen.

Ans. New moon day



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