Little Tiger, Big Tiger | NCERT| Marigold | Class 3

New words:

  • shady

  • bellowed

  • twitched

  • pounced

  • grunt

  • game

  • glistened

  • roared

  • pheasant

  • fowl

Reading is fun:

1. Tick the right answer

i. Where did the mother tiger and her small tiger cub live ?

Ans. The mother tiger and her small tiger cub lived near a river in a shady jungle.

ii. What did the mother tiger hunt when the sky was dark ?

Ans. When the sky was dark the mother tiger hunted for deer and pig.

iii. What did the tiger cub catch one night ?

Ans. One night the tiger cub caught a frog.

2. What happened to the tiger cub when he chased the frog.

Ans. When the tiger cub chased and caught the frog and turned to show his mother, he could not find her. Instead he saw a tiger, bigger than his mother, near him in the jungle.

Word building

i. Match the animals with their young ones.

  • horse    –     colt

  • dog     –    puppy

  • cat    –    kitten

  • cow    –    calf

  • pig    –    piglet

  • tiger    –    cub

  • sheep    –    lamb

  • goat    –    kid

  • duck    –    duckling

ii. Word games

Can you place these letters in their right order to form the names of animals ?

  • e.g. atc    –    cat

  • semou    –    mouse

  • resoh    –    shore

  • oinl    –    lion

  • peshe    –     sheep

  • rede    –    deer

  • lubl    –    bull

  • giter    –     tiger

  • folw     –     wolf

iii. The animals/ birds in Column A have to reach their homes in Column B. Find out where they live.

              A                            B

  • A bee             –             hive

  • An ant            –             ant hill

  • A duck           –             pond

  • A tiger lives in a          den

  • A rabbit          –            burrow

  • A spider         –             web

  • A sparrow      –             nest


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