12. Home Remedies For Simple Illnesses| Environmental Studies I | Class 4

(A) What’s the solution ?

Helen is in the fourth Standard in a school in Mumbai. One day, on her way home, she was hit by a moving vehicle. She fell down and became unconscious. Her leg was also badly injured.

Ans. i) The first thing to do in such a case is to immediately take injured person to nearest hospital/ clinic.
ii) Then one should correctly inform the on duty doctor what had happened so that the doctor can start the right treatment without any delay.
iii) Then one should contact the parents of the injured person so that the patient is taken care properly.

(B) Use your brain power !

1. For what purpose is the extract of vasaka leaves useful ?

Ans. The extract of vasaka leaves is used for relief from cough and cold.

2. What are the signs which tell you that someone has a cold ?

Ans. The symptoms of cold are: i) running nose ii) mild headache iii) sore throat iv) mild fever.

3. What is a balm used for ?

Ans. A balm is used for relief from headache or cold and even muscle pain.

4. What tells you that the temperature of someone who had a fever is coming down ?

Ans. We come to know that the temperature of someone who has fever is coming down by seeing the sweat and also touching the forehead of the person.

(C) Complete the table.

Given below are the names of some diseases and illnesses.

(1) cold (2) chikungunya (3) malaria (4) bruising (5) stomach upset 6) typhoid (7) scorched fingers (8) sprained ankle.

Determine which of these get cured quickly and which ones do not and complete the following table


D) Answer in brief.

1. Why did Sakhu get a throat-ache?

Ans. Sakhu ate ice-cream hence she got throat-ache.

2. When Tai had jaundice, for how long did the doctor advise her to take complete rest?

Ans. When Tai had jaundice, the doctor advised her to take complete rest for three weeks.

3. What is the home remedy for a cold?

Ans. The home remedy for a cold is to inhale steam at bed-time or take hot fomentations on the chest.

4. Should one take medicines that must be swallowed, without a doctor’s advice?

Ans. One should never take any medicine that must be swallowed, without a doctor’s advice.

(E) Fill in the blanks.

1. Tai’s eyes had become yellow .

2. Knowing that it was a snake that had bitten him, Shripati was very

3. One must wash and dry a wound before applying a tincture of iodine on it.


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