12. The Siege Of Purandar And The Treaty With The Moghul Emperor| Environmental Studies II | Class 4

1. Fill in the blanks :

(a) Surat was a great centre of trade in the Moghul empire. (Pune, Surat, Delhi)

(b) Murarbaji was in charge of the fort of Purandar. (Baji Prabhu, Tanaji, Murarbaji)

2. Write the answer in one sentence.

(a) Why did Shivaji carry out a raid on Surat ?

Ans. Aurangzeb’s troops were causing damage to the whole of Maharashtra, hence to bring the Moghul Emperor to his senses Shivaji carried our a daring raid on Surat.

(b) Why did Dilerkhan lay siege to the Purandar fort ?

Ans. Dilerkhan knew that Shivaji could not be defeated as long as he was the master of Purandar. He, therefore, laid siege to this powerful fort.

(c) Why did Shivaji enter into a treaty with the Moghul Emperor ?

Ans. Shivai realised that he was not strong enough to fight the powerful Moghuls.

(d) According to the treaty of Purandar, what territory was to be handed over to the Moghuls ?

Ans. Shivaji signed the treaty and according to its terms, twenty-three forts and a
territory with a revenue of four lakh Hons (a gold coin) were to be handed over to
the Moghul Emperor.

3. Write the answer in two or three sentences.

(a) What did Dilerkhan say to Murarbaji on seeing his valour ?

Ans. Dilerkhan said to Murarbaji; “Until now I have not seen a swordsman like you. You come over to our side. I promise you complete safety. The Emperor will make you a Sardar, and reward you with a Jagir”.

(b) What did Murarbaji say in return ?

Ans. Murarbaji said in return to Dilerkhan; “We are the loyal servants of Shivaji Maharaj. Who wants to buy safety from you ? Why should we come over to your side ? And who wants your Emperor’s Jagir ?”

4. Complete these names from the lesson with the help of the given first letters.

(a) Au rangzeb
(b) Pu randar
(c) Mu rarbaji
(d) Ja ising
(e) Di lerkhan



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