1. Maharashtra Before Shivaji | EVS II | Class 4

1. Fill in the blanks choosing the correct option.

(a) The time in which Shivaji Maharaj lived was that of the medieval period. (ancient, medieval, modern)

(b) Shivaji Maharaj established Swaraj in Maharashtra . (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh)

2. Match the pairs.


3. Write the answer in one sentence.

(a) Name the kings who looked after the welfare of their subjects.

Ans. The Moghul Emperor Akbar in the North and Emperor Krishnadevraya of Vijaynagar in the South looked after the welfare of their subjects.

(b) What noble task did Shivaji Maharaj undertake ?

Ans. Shivaji Maharaj undertook the noble task of establishing Swaraj in Maharashtra which would bring happiness to the people.

(c) Who did Shivaji Maharaj fight against ?

Ans. Shivaji Maharaj fought against the Powers that oppressed the people, and defeated them.

4. Find the odd-man-out.

(a) Swaraj, slavery, freedom —–> (swaraj and freedom mean same but slavery is different from both)

(b) People, subjects, king —-> (people and subjects mean same but king is different from both)



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