23. Natural Disasters | Environmental Studies I | Class 4

(A) What’s the solution ?

Your village is uphill. There is a flood in a neighbouring village.

Ans. The people in low lying areas should be immediately shifted to higher places. They should be quickly helped with food, water and medicines.

(B) Use your brain power !

1. A table for natural disasters and man-made disasters is given below. Complete the table with the help of the list that follows.

(1) Cyclone
(2) Collapse of an old ramshackle house
(3) Death due to lightning
(4) Collision of two railway trains
(5) Children on a playground getting injured when a termite ridden tree falls
(6) Normal life getting disturbed due to heavy snowfall
(7) A fire caused by the explosion of a cooking gas cylinder
(8) An air crash due to a mechanical fault.


2. What is the difference between a hailstorm and snowfall ?

Ans. A hailstorm is more damaging than a snowfall. A hailstorm damages  crops in the fields and fruits in orchards and also people whereas a snowfall does not cause such a damage.

3. If there are animals with fur coats living in places where it snows, would the coat be thick or thin? What could be the reason for that ?

Ans. Animals with fur coats living in places where it snows would have thick fur coats. The reason for to have thick fur coats is to protect oneself from cold.

(D) Answer the following questions.

1. What kind of rain in winter is good for the crops ?

Ans. Occasional, light showers in winter season are good for the crops.

2. What are the ill effects of a hailstorm ?

Ans. i) Often, a hailstorm accompanies with untimely rains.
ii) Severe hail causes injuries to people and animals.
iii) It shatters roof tiles.
iv) It can damage crops in fields and fruits in orchards.
v) If mango trees are in blossom at the time of hailstorm, the blossoms may rot or fall off, leading to a fall in mango production.

3. Should one go for a swim in flood waters ?

Ans. No, one should not go for a swim in flood waters.

4. How does a tsunami affect vehicles on the coast ?

Ans. A tsunami comes with so much force that vehicles on the coast along with the people in them get thrown away to quite a distance. Vehicles are crushed and people inside get injured or die.

(E) Fill in the blanks.

1. Waves just like the ones we see in water, are produced in the bowels of the

2. If it does not stop raining, the rainwater enters the settlements .

3. People and animals are helpless against the force of a tsunami.

4. People get trapped under the heaps and die.



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