Q & A | EVS II | Class 4

Here is the index of the answers available for the following chapters from Environment Studies part II Class 4 form Maharashtra State Board. To view the answers of respective chapters please click on the respective link. Also let me know your views through the comments.

1. Maharashtra Before Shivaji

2. Work of the Saints

3. Maratha Sardars – The Famous House of the Bhonsales

4. Shivaji’s Childhood

5. Shivaji’s Education

6. The Oath of Swaraj

7. Swaraj : First Conquest

8. Defeat of Internal Enemies

9. Pratapgad makes History

10. Baji Prabhu and the Memorable Battle of Ghodkhind

11. The Discomfiture of Shaistakhan

12. The Siege Of Purandar And The Treaty With The Moghul Emperor

13. Shivaji Gives The Slip To The Emperor

14. The Fort Is Captured But The Lion Is Dead

15. A Memorable Ceremony

16. Campaign In The South

17. Management Of Forts And The Navy

18. Management Of The Welfare State Of Swaraj


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