21. Management Of Community Life | Environmental Studies I | Class 4

(a) Answer in one sentence.

1. What is the first step in management?

Ans. The first step in management is to prepare an outline of how and when the work is to be done.

2. Why are rules made?

Ans. Rules are made so that community life can go on in a smooth and orderly manner.

(b) Fill in the blanks.

1. Management is necessary to do any work.

2. Co-ordination must be maintained among the people involved.

3. People elect their representatives to the local government body.

(c) Guests have been invited home for lunch. What management is required for that? Make a plan.

Ans. First of all a plan has to be made of how and when the lunch has to be made. For this we will need the information of how many number of guests are coming for lunch, what will be items for lunch, whether the guests will like to have non-vegetarian or vegetarian food. What are there likes and dislikes. Will there be a desert after the lunch and such questions have to be thought of earlier and planned well.

As the question is an open end question the answers can vary with each student.


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