Q & A | EVS I | Class 4

Here is the index of the answers available for the following chapters from Environment Studies part I Class 4 form Maharashtra State Board. To view the answers of respective chapters please click on the respective link. Also let me know your views through the comments.

1. The Life Cycle Of Animals

2. The Inter-relationships Between Living Things

3. Storage of Water

4. Water Safe for Drinking

5. Water for Every Household

6. Variety in Food

9. Air

10. Clothes

11. A Look Inside The Body

12. Home Remedies For Simple Illnesses

20. I’ll Be Responsible And Sensitive

21. Management Of Community Life

23. Natural Disasters

24. Are We Endangering Our Environment ?


  1. Sir very very thank you first because your answers in online school I pass but add this subjects answer please it is very important subjects for our 3rd unit test and for final exam this are the names of this subject (directions and maps , maps and symbols , my district and my state , my upbringing, changes in the family and neighbourhood ).
    I am in 4th standard division c and my school name is Purushottam high school

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