1. The Life Cycle Of Animals | EVS I | Class 4

(A) Think and tell.

1. It takes 20-22 days for a chick to emerge from a hen’s egg. Would the
young ones of other birds also take the same number of days to hatch ?

Ans. The number of days taken by different birds to hatch the eggs are different. So even if the hen takes 20-22 days to hatch its eggs different birds would take different number of days to hatch their young ones. For example, a sparrow takes 10 to 14 days while a penguin takes about 62 days to hatch the young ones.

2. You must have seen dragonflies hover over grass. Which stage of their life cycle is this – the egg, larva, pupa or adult?

Ans. The dragon fly is the adult stage of the life cycle.

3. When you take a bunch of a leafy vegetable to sort it, you may find holes of different sizes in the leaves. Some leaves may have been nibbled at the edges. What do you think is the reason for that?

Ans. We see holes and nibbles on the leaves of vegetable because the insects lay eggs on the leaves and when the caterpillar grow on these leaves they eat the leaves and make holes and nibbles at the edges of the leaves.

4. When you shell peas, you sometimes see tiny green living things inside the pod. Which of the four stages of the life cycle of an insect are they ?

Ans. They are larvae or caterpillars of insects which grow inside the peapods. These larvae or caterpillar grow into adult feeding on these peas.

(B) Answer in brief.

1. Why must the hen sit on her eggs ?

Ans. A hen lays eggs and warmth is necessary for the chicks to grow inside the egg. So, after laying them, the hen sits on the eggs to keep them warm. Due to the warmth the chicks inside slowly keep growing. Therefore the hen must sit on her eggs.

2. Why does a hen become aggressive when she is hatching her eggs ?

Ans. When a hen is hatching her eggs, she becomes aggressive because for fear of their safety. To protect her eggs she becomes aggressive and attacks anyone who tries to go near the eggs.

3. Which are the four stages of the life cycle of a butterfly ?

Ans. The four stages of the life cycle of a butterfly are the Egg, Larva or Caterpillar, Pupa and the Adult.

4. Which changes take place inside the chrysalis of the Plain Tiger butterfly ?

Ans. Inside the chrysalis, of the Plain Tiger butterfly important changes take place in
its body as follows:
i) The growth of the Plain Tiger gets completed inside the chrysalis.
ii) Then, the adult butterfly emerges from the chrysalis.
iii) It now has four attractive wings and six long legs.

(C) True or false ?

1. A lamb emerges from an egg.      False

2. We cannot easily see the eggs of an ant because they are very tiny.       True

3. When the caterpillar emerges from the egg, it is not very hungry.       False

(D) Fill in the blanks.

1. The female butterfly lays eggs on the leaves of a plant.

2. The larva of a butterfly is called a caterpillar.



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