Environmental Law | Question Paper | Apr 2018

Q1. Answer the following                       [20 marks]

a. What is Global Warming ?

b. What is “Action taken in good faith” under the Air Act ?

c. Define Nuisance.

d. What is Eco-system ?

e. Define “Sanctuary” under Wildlife Act, 1973 ?

f. State four effects of Noise Pollution.

g. What is “Intergenerational equity” ?

h. Define “Hazardous Substance” under the Hazardous Waste Rules.

i. What is establishment of “Joint Pollution Board” under the Water Act.

j. Define Strict Liability.

Q2. Short note on any four:                 [20 marks]

a.) Eco-mark

b.) Grant of Authorization under Bio-Medical Waste Rules.

c.) United Nation’s Declaration on Right to Development.

d.) Public Trust Doctrine

e.) Doon Valley Case

f.) Need for Wildlife Conservation

Q3. Solve (any two) of the following: [12 marks]

a.) The Mumbai Cotton Mill is situated near populated area surrounding residents want to lodge the complaint against the said Mill which is emitting toxic gases, particulate matters with black smoke its chimney which causes health hazards.
i) Which is the proper form to lodge complaint ?
ii) What action will be taken against the Mill by the Authority ?
iii) What directions can be given to the Mill under section 5 of EPA ?

b.) A State Government de-reserves a Reserved Forest without the Central Government’s approval and permitted deforestation in order to construct a dam for power generation and irrigation purpose.
i) What are the restriction on the de-reservation of reserved forest under Section 2 of the Forest Conservation Act ?
ii) Who will be liable in case of default ?
iii) What is the penalty for contravention of provisions ?

c.) Devotional music is played using a loud speakers everyday from 4 am to 11 pm in a temple. People living in the neighbourhood complain of noise pollution. The temple management argues that playing devotional music is their constitutional right.
i) Can action be taken against the temple management ?
ii) What plea temple management will have in this case ?
iii) Cite similar case law.

Q4. Answer any four :                         [48 marks]

a) State the role of Judicial activism in protection and improvement of Environment in India ?

b) Enumerate the powers of the Central Government under Environmental Protection Act.

c) Elaborate the various functions of the State Board under the Water Act.

d) Explain the procedure of collection of emission samples its analysis under the Air Act and action against defaulters.

e) Enumerate the various authorities in detail under Wild Life Protection Act.

f) Define the Sustainable Development and evaluate its salient principles.


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