Environmental Law | Question Paper | Apr 2017

Q1. Answer the following                       [20 marks]

a.) Who is an Occupier as per the Air Act ?

b.) How many reports of sample analysis to be made by Government Analyst under Water Act ?

c.) Define “Pollution” under Environment Protection Act.

d.) Define “Animal Product” under the WIld Life Act.

e.) Define “Strict Liability” in Environmental Accident.

f.) When the “Authorization” is required for disposal of Bio-Medical Waste ?

g.) Name the Zones  under Noise Pollution Rules.

h.) State two prohibited activities within CRZ.

i.) Where can an Appeal be filed against State Board Order under the Water Act ?

j.) Define Ozone layer.

Q2. Short note on any four:                 [20 marks]

a.) Environment Audit Report

b.) Categories of Forests under Forest Act, 1927.

c.) Oleum Gas Leak Case.

d.) Treatment and Disposal of Bio-Medical Waste.

e.) Eco-Labelling Scheme.

f.) Polluter Pays Principle.

Q3. Solve (any two) of the following: [12 marks]

a.) A Chemical Industry was emitting hazardous gases from its chimney since long. No action was initiated against the industry for fulfilling laws.

  1. Can a Pollution Control Board take the suo-motu action against the industry.
  2. What offence is com itted by the said Industry ?
  3. State the remedies available to Surrounding Residents.

b.) During Navratri Festival one group was playing loud music on the public road and arranged “Dandiya” dance until midnight. Objections were taken by surrounding residents but the organization refused to stop the program.

  1. What offence is committed by the Group ?
  2. What are the permissible decibel limits in residential zone under the Noise Pollution Rules ?
  3. Where the distributed surrounding residents can file the Complaint ?

c.) A Group of hunters illegally entered into a Sanctuary carrying weapons, match box and kerosene etc. They succeeded in trapping few wild animals. They were caught while returning and trapped animals were seized.

  1. What are the rules for authorized entry in a Sanctuary ?
  2. What action will be taken against the culprit group ?
  3. Seized animals are whose property ?

Q4. Answer any four :                         [48 marks]

a.) Discuss teh salient features of “Sustainable Development” ?

b.) Enumerate Criminal Law role in Environment Protection.

c.) State the composition and functions of Joint Pollution Control Board under the Air Act.

d.) Discuss the procedure followed in collection of samples, its analysis and submission of analysis report under the Water Act.

e.) Discuss the powers of Central Government to take measures to protect and improve the environment under Environment Protection Act.

f.) Public Interest Litigation has greater significance in the field of Environment Protection. Explain with reference to decided cases.



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