Environmental Law | Question Paper | Nov 2017

Q1. Answer the following                       [20 marks]

a.) What is Environment Impact Assessment ?

b.) Which amendment to the Indian Constitution has a two-fold provision for the Environment Protection ?

c.) What is the “Joint Board” under the Water Act, 1974 ?

d.) Define “Sustainable Development” ?

e.) Define Silence Zone under the Noise Pollution Rules.

f.) Under Section 22 A of Air Act the Board can make application to which court for restraining person from causing Air Pollution ?

g.) Who is an “Occupier” under the Water Act ?

h.) Define “Air Pollution” under the Air Act.

i.) Who you mean by “Cognizance of Offence” under EPA, 1986 ?

j.) Define “Animal Article” under Wild Life Act.

Q2. Short note on any four:                 [20 marks]

a.) Oleum Gas Leak Case

b.) Eco Friendly Labelling Scheme

c.) Noise Pollution Rules

d.) Stockholm Conference

e.) Hazard Waste Rules

f.) Under the Air Act “Power of Entry and Inspection”

Q3. Solve (any two) of the following: [12 marks]

a.) “X” enters along with his friends in a Sanctuary, planning a picnic with food and liquor. They were having sharp weapons, match boxes, kerosene with them. In the influence of liquor two among them killed a black-buck.

  1. What are the rules for authorized entry in Sanctuary and who issues permission ?
  2. Hunted black-buck will be whose property.
  3. What action will be taken against “X” and his friends ?

b.) Some of the Tanneries at a river bank discharging untreated solid and liquid waste on land and water of the river causing surrounding area highly polluted. Surrounding residents were fed up with the nuisance.

  1. What are the remedies available to nearby residents ?
  2. What action will be taken against defaulting Tanneries ?
  3. Cite a similar decided case.

c.) One News Paper reported that a Nursing Home in a city is throwing its Bio-medical waste in a public dust-bin on a foot path. This was causing serious health hazard to surrounding residents and by passers.

  1. On this reported news can a Polluted news can a Pollution Control Board take suo-motu action against the Nursing Home ?
  2. What is the proper procedure of Bio-medical waste disposal.
  3. How much period the bio-medical waste can be kept untreated and beyond that what procedure should be followed ?

Q4. Answer any four :                         [48 marks]

a.) Enumerate the powers of Central Government to take measures to protect and improve Environment under the EPA 1986.

b.) Public Interest Litigation have greater significance in the field of “Environmental Protection”. Explain with decided case.

c.) Explain provisions of Environmental Protection under the Indian Penal Code.

d.) Discuss the Penal provisions under the Water Act.

e.) Explain the various provisions to collect effluent samples and procedure to be followed in connection there with under the Air Act.

f.) Discuss the Indian Constitutional provisions for Conservation and Protection of Environment.


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