10. Baji Prabhu and the Memorable Battle of Ghodkhind | EVS II | Class 4

1. Fill in the blanks :

(a) Siddi Jauhar laid a siege to Panhalgad.

(b) Baji Prabhu’s sense of loyalty brought tears to Shivaji’s eyes.

(c) Ghodkhind became immortal in history as Pavankhind .

2. Write the answer in one sentence.

(a) What message was sent to Siddhi Jauhar by Shivaji, in order to escape from the siege ?

Ans. In order to escape from the siege, Shivaji sent a message to Siddi Jauhar to the effect that he would shortly surrender the Panhalgad fort.

(b) Why did Siddhi Jauhar become livid with rage ?

Ans. When the Siddi learnt that Shivaji had given him the slip, he was livid with rage.

(c) What did Shivaji say to Baji Prabhu, while leaving for Vishalgad fort ?

Ans. While leaving for Vishalgad fort, Shivaji said to Baji Prabhu,  “We shall move ahead towards Vishalgad. As soon as we gain the fort, guns will be fired. That will be the signal of our safe arrival. As soon as you hear the gun-fire, abandon the pass and follow us to the fort.”

3. Write the answers in two or three sentences.

(a) Which plan was hit upon for Shivaji’s escape from the siege ?

Ans. A plan was hit upon to escape of Shivaji Maharaj from the siege of Panhalgad. It was planned that there will be two palanquins made ready. One would be meant for Shivaji in which he would proceed using a difficult route, and the other palanquim by the ‘Raj-dindi’ would be occupied by another person disguised as Shivaji. This other palanquin would be easily spotted by the enemy forces, and it would be captured by them. While the enemy would celebrate the capture of Shivaji, the real Shivaji would escape by the difficult route. This was the plan.

(b) What preparation did Baji Prabhu make to halt the enemy in the Ghodkhind pass ?

Ans. Baji Prabhu divided his company of soldiers into small groups and posted them at suitable points. The Mavlas took their positions and collected huge boulders and stones to be used as weapons. Baji Prabhu and his Mavlas stood at the mouth of the pass, firm and fearless, awaiting the enemy. The pass was difficult to cross, there being only a
narrow and a zigzag passage across it.

4. Give reasons.

(a) Adilshah was thrown into a fit of wild rage.

Ans. While Bijapur was still mourning the death of Afzalkhan and the complete rout of his army, Shivaji captured the Panhala fort from the Bijapur garrison. This threw Adilshah into a fit of wild rage.

(b) Shiva Kashid in service of Shivaji Maharaj became immortal.

Ans. i) Shiva Kashid, a hairdresser  impersonated Shivaji Maharaj, so that the real Shivaji could escape the siege. ii) When this plot was exposed to Siddi Jauhar, he killed Shiva Kashid. iii) Shiva Kashid sacrificed his own life in the cause of Shivaji and Swaraj. Thus,
he became immortal.

(c) Pavan Khind became immortal in History.

Ans. i) Baji Prabhu and his brave soldiers laid down their life on the battlefield in the cause of Swaraj by stopping Siddi Masaud in Ghodkhind. ii) Their blood made the Ghodkhind a place holy in Swaraj. iii) Ghodkhind became immortal in history as ‘Pavan Khind’.

5. Write the name of the person :

(a) Brave and yet was cruel – Siddi Jauhar.

(b) Gave most gallant fight at the ‘Ghodkhind’ pass – Baji Prabhu.

(c) Escaped from the siege – Shivaji Maharaj.



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