8. Defeat of Internal Enemies | EVS II | Class 4

1. Find out the wrong pair.

(a) Phaltan – Nimbalkar

(b) Javali – Morey

(c) Supe – Jadhav         –  wrong pair     (the correct pair is Sambhaji Mohite of Supe )

2.Write the answer in one sentence.

(a) What title was conferred by Adilshah upon the Moreys of Javali ?

Ans. The title ‘Chandrarao’, was conferred upon the Moreys of Javali, by Adilshah.

(b) Why was the conquest of Javali a very important landmark ?

Ans. The conquest of Javali was a very important landmark because this doubled the boundaries of Swaraj under Shivaji.

3. Write the answers in two or three sentences.

(a) Why did no one cross Morey’s path ?

Ans. i) Morey was the Jagirdar of Javali, extending from Raigad to Koyna Valley. ii) Javali was covered with such a thick forest and was full of wild life. iii) Morey’s Javali was thus like a tiger’s hideout. No one, therefore, crossed Morey’s path.

(b) What note did Shivaji send to Yeshwantrao Morey ?

Ans. i) Shivaji sent a note to Yeshwantrao Morey stating, “You call yourself the Raja.
But I am the Raja of this territory. ii) This Kingdom is Lord Shiva’s gift to me. So do
not call yourself the Raja.”



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