2. Work of the Saints | EVS II | Class 4

1. Fill in the blanks :

(a) Sant Namdeo was a great devotee of Vitthal .

(b) At a very early age, at Alandi near Pune, Dnyaneshwar took ‘Samadhi’.

(c) Sant Tukaram drowned in the river Indrayani, all the record of loan papers he had.

(d) To popularise the worship of strength, Samarth Ramdas raised the temples of Hanuman .

2. Write the answer in one sentence.

(a) What discrimination did Shri Chakradhar Swami not believe ?

Ans. Shri Chakradhar Swami did not believe in any discrimination based on gender or caste.

(b) What desire did Sant Namdeo instil among the people ?

Ans. Sant Namdeo instilled among the people the desire to protect their religion.

(c) What advice was rendered by Sant Eknath ?

Ans. Sant Eknath rendered the advice to the people, not to  accept any distinction of high and low.

(d) What message was propagated by Samarth Ramdas ?

Ans. Samarth Ramdas propagated the message that power resides in united people.

3. Give answers in three or four sentences.

(a) Why did Sant Dnyaneshwar lock himself in his hut ?

Ans. i) Sant Dnyaneshwar’s father had taken ‘Sanyas’ but later on obeying the order of his guru he returned to his family.
ii) The bigoted men of the time used to look down upon his children and therefore persecuted and banished them from their community.
iii) When Young Dnyaneshwar went round the town begging he had had to face abusive language instead of receiving any alms. iv) Deeply pained by the incident young Dnyaneshwar locked himself in his hut to grieve over his lot.

(b) What message did Sant Tukaram give ?

Ans. i) Sant Tukaram preached to the people about the virtues of pity, forgiveness and peace of mind.
ii) He also gave them the message of equality.
iii) He impressed the truth on the minds of the people that, ‘He alone is a saint, and God dwells with him who calls the weak and the downtrodden as his own’.



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