3. Maratha Sardars – The Famous House of the Bhonsales | EVS II | Class 4

1. Fill in the blanks choosing the correct option.

(a) Among the famous families, the Bhonsales of Verul showed great bravery and enterprise. (Moreys, Ghorpades, Bhonsales)

(b) Babaji Raje Bhonsale had two sons, Maloji and Vithoji . (Vithoji, Shahaji, Sharifji)

(c) Malik Amber was a capable Vazir of Nizamshah. (Malik Amber, Fattekhan, Sharifji)

2.Write the relation between :

(a) Maloji Raje    –   Vithoji Raje                          Brothers

(b) Shahaji Raje    –    Lakhujirao Jadhav         Son-in-law & Father-in-law (Shahaji Raje was married to Jijabai, daughter of Lakhujirao Jadhav)

(c) Shahaji Raje    –    Sharifji                               Brothers

(d) Babaji Raje    –    Vithoji Raje                            Father and Son

3. Match the pairs.




4. Give the answer in one sentence.

(a) Who restored the temple of Ghrushneshwar to its original condition ?

Ans. Maloji Raje Bhonsale restored the temple of Ghrushneshwar to its original condition.

(b) Which Jagir was bestowed upon Maloji Raje by Nizamshah ?

Ans. The Jagir of Pune and Supe Parganas was bestowed upon Maloji Raje by Nizamshah.

(c) Who fought bravely to save Nizamshahi ?

Ans. Malik Amber and Shahaji Raje fought bravely to save Nizamshahi.

(d) With what title did the Adilshah honour Shahaji Raje ?

Ans. Adilshah honoured Shahaji Raje with the title of “Sar Lashkar”.

(e) Why did Shahaji Raje leave Adilshahi and return to Nizamshahi ?

Ans. Nizamshah’s mother appealed to Shahaji Raje to return to Nizamshahi and save it. Therefore, Shahaji Raje left Adilshahi and returned to Nizamshahi.



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