9. Pratapgad makes History | EVS II | Class 4

1. Form a correct word from the given letters.

(a) r t P a p a g d a

(b) j a i i S v h

(c) n h l z A a f k a


(a) P r a t a p g a d

(b) S h i v a j i

(c) A f z a l k h a n

2. Write the answer in one sentence.

(a) What challenge did Afzalkhan accept ?

Ans. Afzalkhan accepted the challenge put forward by Badi Saheba, to march against Shivaji and put an end to his rebellion.

(b) What message did Afzalkhan send Shivaji in a spirit of apparent friendliness ?

Ans. In a spirit of apparent friendliness Afzalkhan sent a message to Shivaji saying, “You are like a son to me. Come and see me. Return our forts and I shall see that Adilshah makes you a Sardar at his court.”

3. Give the answer in two or three sentences.

(a) Why did Shivaji have to use some strategic move to fight Afzalkhan ?

Ans. i) Shivaji knew that the Khan was full of stratagem and had a huge army with him.
ii) Shivaji also knew that he could never hold his own in open battle against the Khan.
iii) His only hope was in some strategic move that would take the Khan by surprise, hence made a strategy to shift his capital from Rajgad to Pratapgad.

(b) What did Shivaji say to his Sardars before going to Afzalkhan ?

Ans. Before going to Afzalkhan Shivaji said to his Sardars, “Friends, each one of you must carry out the duties assigned to you. I’am sure the goddess Bhavani will see that we succeed. But if things go wrong and I am killed, do not lose heart. Install Sambhaji on the ‘gadi’, follow the commands of Maasaheb. Fight for Swaraj and extend its boundaries. Make the subjects happy.”

4. Give reasons.

(a) Afzalkhan became very angry when he learnt that Shivaji had moved to Pratapgad.

Ans. Afzalkhan became angry when he learnt that Shivaji had moved to Pratapgad, because:
i) Afzalkhan was aware of the difficulties in conquering Pratapgad.
ii) It was surrounded by thick forest and high hills.
iii) There was no proper approach road to the fort and it was very difficult to move his artillery.

(b) Gloom spread over the whole of Bijapur.

Ans. As soon as Afzalkhan was killed by Shivaji, the Maratha troops chased and destroyed the whole of the Khan’s powerful army.
ii) Fazalkhan, Afzalkhan’s son who escaped with great difficulty, reached Bijapur.
iii) His account of the disastrous campaign spread gloom over the whole of Bijapur.



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      1. All lesson from Maharashtra board EVS I EVS II English lesson answers

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